From Stoning & Quartering to Firing Squads & Lethal Injections
Cruel & Unusual Punishment under the 8th Amendment, the 10 Commandments and the California Constitution

Crime, Justice & Rehabilitation
An Exploration of Effective Crime Prevention Policies Within the Framework of Jewish Ethical Values

Legal & Ethical Dilemmas in End of Life Care

Fake News: The Legalities and Ethics of Misinformation
An analysis of State Law, Federal Law and Jewish Ethics regarding false statements, objectionable speech, offensive speech and defamation

Can We Consume Cannabis?
An exploration of State and Federal Law, Jewish Ethics and the medical impact regarding buying, selling, producing and using marijuana

Security, Privacy & Hacked eMails
Are our online lives ever really secure or private?

The Ethics and Limits of the First Amendment
As They Relate to Religion and Religious Tolerance